Year: 2019

When You Don’t Win


Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. Whether you win or loose, there is one thing you always have to do no matter what… You have to learn!!! In 1998 I had just come off one of my biggest highlight years in boxing in which I was announced the 1997 amateur boxer of the year […]


Going For It

There have been times in my life where I didn’t go for it. And every time I didn’t go for it, I regretted it every single time!!! I remember back in 1997 where I represented my home state of California in the 1997 USA Championships. This was the first year I was old enough to […]


Tests and Trials

The Story . . . All throughout my boxing career I was faced with many test and trials over and over again. And it always came down to one of two things. MAKE ME or BREAK ME… After having great success in the beginning of my boxing career with winning back to back national titles […]



Reaching Inside Yourself When I was young I was taught that if I have a goal I have to make a sacrifice…. So here I am, 13 years old and it was my chance to make those words real. My coach and mentor Andy “Pop’s” Anderson sat me down one day and told me, “ […]


Fundamentals Build You

Basic Fundamentals Whether it was boxing, baseball, soccer, football, running, karate or any sport I was in. I always focused on the fundamentals. Punching, footwork, offense, defense, balancing, running, jumping, catching, hopping, throwing, skipping, leaping or even kicking. Whatever the fundamentals of the sport was, that is what I focused on and worked on over […]