Month: March 2019

Fundamentals Build You

Basic Fundamentals Whether it was boxing, baseball, soccer, football, running, karate or any sport I was in. I always focused on the fundamentals. Punching, footwork, offense, defense, balancing, running, jumping, catching, hopping, throwing, skipping, leaping or even kicking. Whatever the fundamentals of the sport was, that is what I focused on and worked on over […]



The Foundation Good footwork is one of the most important skills to have whether your non-athletic or in an athletic sport like boxing, tennis, basketball or football. Or dancing, running or even walking. Good footwork in whatever you are doing will only make you that much better. Here is my take on footwork and how […]


Speed Bag Workout

Introducing the “Speed Bag” Hitting the speed bag plays a big part in every boxers regimen. This is the bag where you have seen champion after champion over the years on tv hitting at lightning speed in front of the cameras during their training sessions. And this bag plays a huge part in every boxers […]