Basic Fundamentals

Whether it was boxing, baseball, soccer, football, running, karate or any sport I was in. I always focused on the fundamentals. Punching, footwork, offense, defense, balancing, running, jumping, catching, hopping, throwing, skipping, leaping or even kicking.

Whatever the fundamentals of the sport was, that is what I focused on and worked on over and over again day and night. This is how I stepped my game up to an elite level. And it was like I got so good at the basics to the point where the basic moves I was doing in the boxing ring became elite and every time I stepped into the boxing ring I shined all because I stuck to the basic fundamentals.

Old School Hard Work Is Key

“A good solid foundation with my stance, footwork and a sharp jab that became my number one weapon along with basic combinations that I used with perfection”

Over and over again I worked on the basic fundamentals. Day and night I practiced over and over again. Then when I got into the boxing ring it was showtime.

It’s actually sad because a lot of people these days do not focus on the basic fundamentals and then can’t figure out why they aren’t able to step up their game. It’s like in this day and age the trend is to get a really good strength trainer and take care of your nutrition to a T.

Don’t get me wrong, because these are also important and play a big part in how you perform in whatever it is you are doing. Bottom line, the fundamentals ALWAYS COME FIRST and there is no way around it!!!