Reaching Inside Yourself

When I was young I was taught that if I have a goal I have to make a sacrifice….

So here I am, 13 years old and it was my chance to make those words real.
My coach and mentor Andy “Pop’s” Anderson sat me down one day and told me, “ Jason, times in your life will come where you will need to make a sacrifice if you want something.

So hear I am. 13 years old and right after we had this talk I was ready to start sacrificing.

I entered into the Silver Gloves Amateur Boxing Tournament.
First up was the Districts tournament which was a title for the best in Southern California. I won. 3 weeks later I advanced to the Regional tournament which consisted of the state winners of Arizona and Utah. I won that title as well which advanced me to the Silver Gloves National Championships in Lenexa, Kansas.

Making Sacrifices

Now I had 3 weeks before the nationals and it was time to make a sacrifice because I wanted this national title so bad. So what I decided to do was wake up starting on a Monday morning at 4:30 AM and run 4 miles.

Here I am, Monday morning 4:30 AM and I’m dressed and ready to run. I remember walking out the front door and it was completely dark everywhere I looked and I got scared because I lived close to the mountains in Glendora, California. And in my mind I thought I was going to get eaten up by bears lol hahah. So I went back inside and went to bed.
I felt guilty inside the entire day so I told myself, “J, you gotta make this sacrifice.

So the next morning came. I woke up at 4:30am, got dressed and went outside. And I remember looking around and I got scared again so I went back inside. But I didn’t go to bed this time. What I did was, I grabbed a screwdriver, went back outside and ran 4 miles. And I kept that up until I went to the nationals in Lenexa, Kansas.

After the tournament was over I was the 1993 Silver Gloves National Champion because I made the sacrifice!!!

Every time after that tournament I chose to make a sacrifice on a regular basis and I continue to make sacrifices in my life to this day!!!

So I encourage you to step up and make a sacrifice because it works!