The Story . . .

All throughout my boxing career I was faced with many test and trials over and over again. And it always came down to one of two things. MAKE ME or BREAK ME…

After having great success in the beginning of my boxing career with winning back to back national titles I was faced with test and trials that came to either break me or make me.
So here I am, a young teenager, just coming off of winning back to back titles and I was feeling great.

Fast Forward

3 weeks and I had to move an hour away to Victorville, CA with my mom in which I had to travel an hour after I got out of school. I was picked up by my dad and dropped off at my coaches house in Pomona, CA where I went to the gym. Then my coach dropped me off at my dads house after training where I would sleep till 4 AM. After my dad got off work early in the morning he would pick me up and drive me back to my moms house so I could go to school. We did this 3 days a week in order for me to continue boxing with coach Pop’s in Baldwin Park, CA.

After a year of this it was taking too much out of my mind and body so Pop’s sat me down one day and said that if I wanted to continue to box I would have to make a big sacrifice where I would be tested with many trials that would either break me or make me stronger!!!

Accepting The Challenge

So accepted the challenge, made the sacrifice, and I moved from my moms house to my dads house. It was so hard and many tears were shed.
During this time my confidence in the boxing ring was very low and Pop’s knew this the most. So what he did next is what set my career off in the best way and I will never forget what he did…

What they didn’t know was that my confidence was being built. And after those 5 losses I went on a winning streak of 4 national tournament titles in a row in dominating fashion where I was ranked #1 in my division and rated pound for pound one of the tops boxers in the US!


Because of “The Plan” which I will never forget.

Test and Trials to this day still come to try an break me or make me!!! And I accept the challenge each and every time and BOOM I win because I keep my faith & I never give up!!!