Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. Whether you win or loose, there is one thing you always have to do no matter what…

You have to learn!!!

In 1998 I had just come off one of my biggest highlight years in boxing in which I was announced the 1997 amateur boxer of the year along with being selected right behind professional super star golfer Tiger Woods as athlete of the year in 1997…

Right before the 1998 USA championships which was held in Colorado Springs, CO inside the United States Olympic Training Center, I moved up a weight division. From the 125 pounds featherweight division to the 132 pound division which was the lightweight division.

My first match in the tournament I won but I just felt sluggish and slow with low energy. In my second match I lost and it made headlines on the front page of the newspaper.

I remember after my match my coach Pop’s told me, “Jason, you have been through this before. You need to pick your head up, get hungry inside your heart, learn from this situation and then come back stronger!!!

So that is what I did! I went back to my home gym in Las Vegas, Nevada to work on my craft preparing for the last national tournament of the year which is called the PAL(Police Athletic League) national championships which was held in Orlando, Florida inside the Walt Disney theme park.

I was focused and ready to win and be back on top. This was a very tough tournament with the best of the best in each division ready for war!!!

I came out victorious as the 1998 PAL National Champion at 132 pounds and I was back. All because I studied my craft, learned new tactics and I put what I learned to work. I won and once again became national champ!!!!